7 Fun Writing Prompts to try this September in your Intermediate Classroom

It’s that time of year again. Students are flocking back to classrooms after a summer off. Normally this would be the time to get students talking about, and writing about, things that they did this summer. However, this summer has not been a typical summer. With the Delta variant tearing across the country, students have likely missed out on typical travel that they would do and their summer may have been filled with disappointment and trauma.

Here are 7 writing prompts to use in the classroom that will help students focus on some positives of the summer and start to get back into the headspace for learning.

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Pick a few of the below options to post on the board to get your students writing!

  1. Tell me about an act of kindness that you experienced or heard about this summer.
  2. Tell me at least 5 things that you were grateful for this summer.
  3. Tell me about a time that you got into nature this summer.
  4. Tell me about an experience that you had with an animal, such as a pet, this summer.
  5. Retell your favourite video game as a short story.
  6. Write the instructions for a favourite craft that you did or recipe you made this summer.
  7. Tell me about a joyful experience that you had this summer.

Let me know in the comments if they are any other prompts you’ve tried with your students this fall!

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