15 Fun Creative Writing Prompts to Use in your Classroom: Grade 3-7

Looking for some fresh prompts to use with your intermediate classroom? Here are 15 creative writing prompts to get your students writing!

  1. You have just been contacted by an alien who needs your help. Write about your adventures with the alien.
  2. While exploring the forest behind your house, you discover a cave that leads into the mountain. As you poke your head in, as if by magic, a series of lanterns light your way. The cave seems to go on forever. Cautiously you enter the cave. Describe your adventure exploring the cace.
  3. You discover a treasure map buried in your backyard. Describe your quest for treasure.
  4. While walking home from school one day, a meteor shoots over your head and lands right in front of you. You slowly creep closer to it. Just before you reach it, you realize that your feet are no longer touching the ground. You are flying! Describe your first day.
  5. You are taking your dog for a walk in the forest one day, when he starts barking up at the top of a tree. You look up and see a small, human-like creature with wings. “Please call your dog off,” she says. Describe what happens next.
  6. You have just realized that you have the ability to run incredibly fast (so fast that you can run on water). You have 3 choices: #1 be a superhero, #2 be a supervillain, #3 try to live your life normally and go unnoticed. Describe your first few days of your new life!
  7. While flying over the desert, your plane crashes. Describe what happens next.
  8. While eating breakfast one morning, your house begins to shake. You peak out the window and see a giant dragon in your driveway. “I need your help,” she says. Describe your adventure.
  9. One morning you wake up to your brother’s favourite toy shaking you awake. They toy is alive! “Your brother has been kidnapped by evil trolls,” the toy says. Describe your day saving your brother.
  10. One morning you wake up and there are 3 feet of snow on your front deck. You don’t know how, but you know that a spell has been cast on the world and it won’t stop snowing unless someone does something about it. Describe your adventure uncovering who cast the spell and your actions to undo the spell.
  11. You are walking along when there is a sudden earthquake. Off to your side the road gets ripped in two. Once the quaking stops, you peak into the rip. Inside is an entire village made of gold. Describe your interactions with the people who live there.
  12. The year is 2522. Describe what a typical day for you in this year could look like.
  13. You are exploring the Africa savannah when you are chased by a lion. You run and climb up a tree. You are safe, for now, but are also separated from your group and have no idea where you are. Describe your adventure getting back to safety.
  14. One night you are awoken by the strangest sound outside your window. You peak out and see an owl, 3 deer, 5 squirrels, 2 skunk, and a snake staring into your window. You go out to see what they are doing. They seem to be trying to communicate with you. They turn to leave, walk a few steps away from you, and then look back at you. It is clear that they want you to follow them. Describe your adventures with these animals.
  15. You are magically teleported back to the time of the dinosaurs. Describe your first days there.

These prompts are a sure way to get your students having fun while writing!

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