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Weekly Round-Up: 5 Incredible Writing Prompt Resources

It’s time to do our first weekly round-up! This is a great place to find resources without needing to scour the internet yourself. Today’s topic is incredible writing prompt resources. There is a good variety below, including video prompts, writing prompt generators, and picture writing prompts. Keep reading for 5 incredible writing prompt resources!

  1. John Spencer’s “Writing Prompts for Students” playlist on Youtube. This is an incredible resource. John Spencer has multiple animated videos on Youtube that are about teaching, writing, and the creativity process. They are also organized into playlists, one of which is writing prompts for students. Each prompt is about 2 minutes long and not only offers the original prompt, but also offers a ton of extra questions and ideas that apply to the prompt. It is a great way to get students’ creativity flowing and to get them thinking about all the different ways they can tackle the prompt.

  2. Providing pictures is a great way to spark writing. Check out 20 Picture Writing Prompts for Kids by HomeSchoolAdventure. Scroll down the page until you see the pictures. There are 20 images, each with 3 questions underneath. These picture and question combinations are sure to get your students writing.

  3. Check out this Fiction Writing Prompt Generator. This writing prompt generator has over 1000 fiction story ideas that can be sorted by genre and that will randomly select a prompt. I find the prompts are a little long, but there are some super creative ones in here that are sure to get your students writing!

  4. DIYMFA also provides a writing prompt generator called the Writer Igniter. This one differs from the Fiction Writing Prompt Generator in that instead of offering a random prompt, it offers a random character, situation, prop, and setting. This is a fun way to get a randomized prompt to use with your students.

  5. Check out my FREE Inclusive Journal Prompts on Teachers Pay Teachers. This resource has 3 writing prompts that each has 3 levels. For the first level, students fill in the blanks with words. In the second level, each paragraph is prompted and students write each paragraph from the prompt. In the final level, students are just given a prompt at the beginning and asked to write. It is a great way to get your reluctant and solid writers writing on the same topic.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any other incredible writing prompt resources? Share them in the comments below!

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