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Weekly Round-Up: 4 Fun and Free Typing Resources for Students

Learning to type is a key skill for students. When students are able to type effectively, they are better able to write quickly and to not get caught up in the physical mechanics of typing.

There are lots of incredible, free, typing resources on the Internet. I particularly like typing games that provide words instead of just letters. It feels weird just randomly hitting letters on the keyboard when they aren’t part of words! Here are 4 typing lessons and games I particularly enjoy!

  1. Nitrotype. This free game is a lot of fun to practice typing and my students love it. It is set up as a race between several race cars and the faster you type the required sentence, the faster the car goes. It is a fun game!

  2. This is a great resource for actually teaching students where the keys are. It is broken down into tutorials that teach one or two keys at a time and progresses as students learn more of the keyboard. You earn stars based on accuracy and you have a seedling that grows as you continue playing.

  3. This website looks kind of clunky, yet there is a ton that it offers. This includes free typing lessons, games, and tests. For the games and lessons you can focus on the whole keyboard or just part of it and can adjust the difficulty level. It provides lots of options and adjustments to suit the needs of all students.

  4. TypingGames.Zone. This website has a plethora of games for students to practice their typing. The games can be sorted by types (adults, kids, racing, puzzle, etc.). There are no lessons here, so students would have to know the basics of touch typing, but it is a great place for students to practice their skills!

I hope your students enjoy learning and practicing their typing skills with the above resources. Have any other favourite typing resources? Share them in the comments below!

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