Writing Prompts to Use in Your Intermediate Classroom this Fall

fall writing prompts

Fall can be such a fun time of year! Today we are having our first full day of rain after the hot, dry summer and I am enjoying a day curled up inside wearing a sweater and drinking too much coffee. As the seasons turn, I, like many teachers in education, like to adapt my content to the feel of the season. Keep reading for 7 fun writing prompts to try this fall.

  • Prompt 1: Tell me about your favourite memory that took place in the fall? Don’t have one? Make one up!

  • Prompt 2: Tell me a story about an animal that is getting ready for winter and runs into an unexpected character.

  • Prompt 3: Do you like fall? Why or why not? Write AT LEAST 5 reasons to support your opinion.

  • Prompt 4: A group of aliens landed on our planet in the fall. Write a list of incorrect
    assumptions that they would make based on what they see in the fall.

  • Prompt 5: Many animals prepare for the winter. Pick an animal and tell me what they do to get ready for winter.

  • Prompt 6: Many poets write poems about the changing of the seasons. Write a poem about the falling leaves.

  • Prompt 7: Are you looking forward to winter? Why or not? Write at LEAST 5 reasons to support your opinion.

I love fall! I enjoy that the weather is starting to cool down and there is a specific energy of nature gearing down for winter. Do you have any other go-to fall writing prompts? If so, drop them in the comments below.

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