15 Fun Debate Topics to Try in your Literacy Classroom

Talking is part of literacy too! Debate is a great activity for students to practice talking. Plus, students can take the skills that they learn for supporting their point during debate and apply it to their writing. Not to mention that many middle school students just love to argue. With that in mind, here are 15 fun debate topics to try in your middle school classroom this year.

Publishing, Talking, The writing process

7 Ways to Publish Student Writing

Publishing student work is the last of the 6 steps of the writing process (prewriting, planning, writing, revising, editing, publishing). But what exactly does publishing mean and how do you best do it? When students publish their work, it allows others the chance to read it. It can be a source of pride for students to share their work with others encourages students to always try their best. Keep reading for 7 ways to publish student work!


Talking is Part of Literacy Too! How to Get Students Talking About a Specific Subject and 10 Prompts to Get them Started: Grade 4-8

Teaching our students to be articulate is also a part of literacy. While some students seem to already to pros at this, there are others that could use some practice with talking on a topic (and staying on it) and there are others that need a bit of practice with formulating their ideas and being able to talk about one thing for an extended period of time. There are also students that need to build confidence talking in front of others. Keep reading for some ideas on how to get students talking and some prompts to get them started!