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Weekly Round-Up: 4 Fun and Free Typing Resources for Students

Learning to type is a key skill for students. When students are able to type effectively, they are better able to write quickly and to not get caught up in the physical mechanics of typing. There are lots of incredible, free, typing resources on the Internet. I particularly like typing games that provide words instead of just letters. It feels weird just randomly hitting letters on the keyboard when they aren't part of words! Here are 4 typing lessons and games I particularly enjoy!


5 Strategies for Students to Use when Planning their Writing

Pre-writing and planning are the first two steps in the writing process (pre-writing, planning, writing, revising, editing, and publishing) and yet many students struggle with this step. A good plan helps students get their ideas down, helps them break the large writing process into manageable chunks, and keeps them on track. Keep reading for 5 ways to help students plan their writing.

Weekly round-up, Writing

Weekly Round-Up: 5 Incredible Writing Prompt Resources

It's time to do our first weekly round-up! This is a great place to find resources without needing to scour the internet yourself. Today's topic is incredible writing prompt resources. There is a good variety below, including video prompts, writing prompt generators, and picture writing prompts. Keep reading for 5 incredible writing prompt resources!


4 Drama-Based Activities to Generate Writing Ideas: Grades 4-7

From the time that they are young, kids are incredibly creative. Toddlers, preschoolers, and grade-school children play in their imagination all the time. As students get older, their imaginative play decreases, but their imagination remains. Why not use this to generate ideas for your students writing topics! Keep reading for 4 drama-based activities that would work as a brainstorming sessions for your next writing prompt.


6 Real-Life Writing Activities for High School Students to Beat the “When Will We Ever Use This” Question.

We all have had a student ask the question "when are we ever going to use this?" While sometimes it's just fun to write for the sake of writing, here are 6 real-life writing activities that will enable students to see directly how the assignment connects to the skills they will need in their future.… Continue reading 6 Real-Life Writing Activities for High School Students to Beat the “When Will We Ever Use This” Question.